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Automatically capture, validate and balance EOB data from all your payers—and drive productivity, lower costs and speed through your EOB processing.

Providers of all sizes—from large hospitals to independent medical practices—face a common, relentless problem: capturing data from Explanation of Benefits (EOB) forms accurately and quickly without unnecessary cost and delay.

quoteEOBs create a host of issues—and hidden costs—for providers who enter EOB data manually. First, each payer’s EOB has a learning curve, because each has its own format and terminology. And EOBs contain so much data that it is difficult to locate, and then time-consuming to enter, the data you need for your business processes. Even if some EOBs are delivered electronically, every provider must still deal with paper for many payers—which dominates the time spent processing EOBs.

Manually entering and validating data, managing denial codes, and balancing each claim to EOB and check totals drain productivity and increase costs—even if it’s not clearly apparent on the surface.

AnyDoc®EOB™ automates EOB data capture and processing

AnyDocEOB works with a scanned image of an EOB to automatically capture all the patient claim data you need. Staff can focus on higher-value tasks, such as resolving discrepancies to ensure maximum revenue and faster payment processing. All while you retain full control of your data and documents in-house, from envelope to archive.

AnyDocEOB automatically validates captured data, balancing procedural charges, claim totals and EOB totals to ensure accuracy. Discrepancies are routed for human review. AnyDocEOB can also verify that line items within a claim match your original claim in your patient accounting system. Accurate data and images are then delivered to your patient accounting, financial management and other business systems. The solution supports the latest health care 5010 standard with EDI 835 output via AnyDoc®EXCHANGEit™ version 5.1.9.

Learn how you can use AnyDocEOB to:

quoteReduce hidden manual data entry cost: With AnyDocEOB, data is extracted and processed automatically—including line-item details like procedural charges and diagnostic codes, which can be too costly to process manually. Staffers can focus on their core duties—not on manual keying—which boosts productivity and lowers labor costs.

Capture accurate data: AnyDocEOB balances procedural charges, individual patient claim totals and EOB totals to the accompanying check to verify accuracy. Questionable data and characters are flagged for review and quick resolution. AnyDocEOB can also verify EOB line items against corresponding claim data in your patient accounting system. With higher data accuracy, your EOB processing will operate more smoothly and at a lower cost because your staff spends less time keying data manually and addressing data discrepancies.

Capture all EOBs in a single-payer solution: AnyDocEOB automatically processes both the high-volume of EOBs from the payers you file claims with the most and those you handle less frequently. AnyDoc Software’s AnyApp® and QuickApp® technologies help automate data capture and processing for all your EOBs with one product.

Create individual patient record snippet images to aid in HIPAA compliance: AnyDocEOB creates snippet image files that contain all the claim data supplied on an EOB for a single patient claim. EOB header and footer information is also included for easier context and reference, and typically includes payer name, EOB issue date, check information and explanations for reason and denial codes. With an image isolated to a single patient claim, you can forward claim data without having to black out or cover private information regarding other patients.

Index your EOB data and images for quick retrieval: With AnyDocEOB, you can select EOB data fields (such as patient name or account number) to automatically serve as index fields in your patient accounting or document management system for quick retrieval of EOB data, individual patient image snippets or entire EOB images.


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