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Eliminate the need to pre-sort documents before scanning.
Automatically identify and route your scanned document images.

Your company receives hundreds, maybe thousands, of documents each day – all of which contain data you need to have entered into your ECM, ERP or financial back-end system. Before these documents can be processed, however, your staff sorts them by their document type. This task alone can take hours to perform, creating a bottleneck in productivity. You need a powerful, automated solution to eradicate this drain of time, resources and money – you need AnyDoc®CLASSIFY™, powered by Infiniworx®.

Simply scan your documents, and AnyDocCLASSIFY imports the scanned document images, automatically identifies and sorts them by document type, and recognizes any document sets (all pages related to a single document). AnyDocCLASSIFY then routes these documents wherever they need to go – to defined directories for each type or to another application for further processing, such as OCR for AnyDoc®, the award-winning solution for document and data capture. *

With AnyDocCLASSIFY, your documents become sorted and classified automatically where it matters most – on your network. No more waiting for stacks of documents to first get manually separated. No more bottlenecks preventing critical data from entering your back-end system. You’ll experience greater productivity and realize significant labor cost savings.

Define your documents your way with AnyDocCLASSIFY

Nobody knows the documents your company handles better than you and your staff. So AnyDocCLASSIFY identifies, or classifies, these documents based upon your customizable keywords and/or document tags. You can define keywords such as “P.O. No.,” “Terms,” “Amount,” and “Qty.” to help classify documents as invoices, for instance. You also can define invoices by importing a sample document image into AnyDocCLASSIFY and applying a tag to the image that identifies it as an invoice.

AnyDocCLASSIFY can further classify these documents based upon the data found on them. For example, documents identified as invoices can be routed based on a specific vendor ID, if desired. As AnyDocCLASSIFY processes the documents and locates the purchase order (P.O.) number, it can access a database table to look up that P.O. number, then auto-populate the vendor ID associated with that number. AnyDocCLASSIFY can then route all invoices for that vendor to a specified directory.

AnyDocCLASSIFY is powered by Infiniworx®, a dynamic, revolutionary document workflow development platform from AnyDoc Software. Infiniworx combines drag-and-drop simplicity with the flexibility to deliver fully customizable workflows that can be saved and repeated, or modified for different document types. With minimal up-front training, you can take control to build, create, and change your own customized workflows. 

With AnyDocCLASSIFY, you can:

  • Scan your documents without pre-sorting
  • Automatically classify document images or text files
  • Conduct full-page OCR data extraction
  • Batch multi-page document sets together automatically
  • Classify English and foreign-language documents
  • Easily route documents wherever they need to go

Scan your documents without pre-sorting

Your staff can scan documents right out of the envelope, without having to pre-sort those documents first. AnyDocCLASSIFY then imports these scanned document images, classifies them by document type, and routes them to wherever you want them to be.

Automatically classify document images or text files

AnyDocCLASSIFY allows you to build a database of sample documents and associated document tags. During processing, AnyDocCLASSIFY compares the layout of your scanned document images with this database to determine a match. Additionally, AnyDocCLASSIFY can classify both document images and text files, based on a list of customizable keywords that define the image or text type.

Conduct full-page OCR data extraction

AnyDocCLASSIFY allows you to choose the OCR engine you prefer for character recognition. AnyDocCLASSIFY uses the power of this engine to capture all the critical data on your document images, wherever that data may be found on the document.

Batch multi-page document sets together automatically

AnyDocCLASSIFY analyzes variables gathered through processing to define which images constitute a single document set. Based upon this, the program can identify the first and last pages of the document set as well as those in-between.

Classify English and foreign-language documents

AnyDocCLASSIFY provides multilingual support to classify the documents you process, whether they’re written in English, French, German or Spanish.

Easily route documents wherever they need to go

Once AnyDocCLASSIFY finishes processing your document images, it then exports them either to predefined network directories or to another program for further processing, such as OCR for AnyDoc.


* All integrated products are priced individually, in order for you to create a customized package to suit your business needs.


To learn more, contact us today.

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