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OCR for AnyDoc®

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Documents can be scanned and converted to images right out of the envelope. Scan from the mailroom, a central location, or thirty remote locations. Once scanned, document images are digitally viewable in seconds.

Using another system to scan your images? Retrieving them online? No problem, you can import them and still get all the benefits of automated document processing.


High image quality is crucial to identifying documents and data. First, scanner communication is optimized to produce the best image for extraction. Next, images are deskewed, lightened, cropped, despeckled, colors are removed and images are automatically rotated. The QA process also provides you with the abilities to replace (by rescan) a poor quality image, insert new images into the group, or append images to the end of a scanned group.


With the cleanest image in place, OCR for AnyDoc’s AutoID feature automatically identifies each document. By searching for an ID point such as barcodes, specific words, or matching the format of a document to others, AutoID works fast to recognize your commonly used forms and eliminates the need for manual pre-sorting.


Captured data is then validated against your business rules (best practices in computer logic form). Automated rules are quickly performed on data fields without operator intervention and offer an almost endless array of data integrity checks and balances. Any document that does not comply is immediately queued up for quick attention in accordance to your escalation procedures and monitored until resolution.


At the verify stage, many documents are already 100 percent complete and can optionally bypass human verification, going straight to output. For other documents, operators can quickly move through extracted data fields to verify each extracted field — or can simply advance from one questionable character or business rule violation to another. Home workers, branch offices, new corporate acquisitions and overseas offices can all be accommodated via the Internet.


Now that your valuable data is captured, validated and verified, stacks of paper documents have been transformed into usable images and information. Data and images are delivered to backend systems and put to work.




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