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Capture documents and data from anywhere in the world.

Maybe you need to scan and email just a few document images. Or maybe you’re part of a global conglomerate that needs to capture thousands of documents each day at locations around the world.

In both cases—and for all needs in between—AnyDoc®CAPTUREit® is the ideal tool. The software can work as a stand-alone document capture application, or as part of an end-to-end OCR for AnyDoc® automated document and data capture and processing solution. With CAPTUREit, you will eliminate the postage and long-distance phone charges associated with faxing documents. And you’ll speed up your business processes by quickly sending clean PDF, JPEG or TIFF files.

You can use CAPTUREit to:

  • Scan locally or remotely
  • Scan and email on-the-fly
  • Interface with any TWAIN-compatible scanner
  • Ensure clean images with CAPTUREit’s Quality Assure phase
  • Organize documents after scanning—not by shuffling paper beforehand
  • Encrypt your documents for secure transfer
  • Send batches at the best time for you

Detailed Features

Scan locally or remotely: You can scan documents at your remote locations and transmit the images to your centralized business applications—or duplicate output to store copies of images locally, too.


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Scan and email on-the-fly: If you have just a few documents to scan and send, you can capture and distribute them whenever you want. CAPTUREit can turn your production scanner into a quick and easy ad hoc scanner for any small job.

Ensure clean images: With CAPTUREit’s Quality Assure phase, you can batch together, view, insert, append, and reorder scanned documents. Additional features allow you to perform drag-and-drop image renumbering, view by imprinter string or sequence, rotate images, delete image, rescan, and improve image quality with image cleanup.

Scan directly to multiple image formats: Scan documents directly into PDF, JPG, or TIFF formats. PDF options include: PDF, text searchable PDF, tagged PDF, and PDF/A. Password security and encryption can be applied to PDF files as well.

Interface with any TWAIN-enabled scanner: CAPTUREit works with any TWAIN-enabled scanner, protecting your current hardware investment. 

Multi-Stream and Virtual Multi-Stream®: CAPTUREit can accept and display both color & bi-tonal images simultaneously. When multi-stream is not available through your scanner’s interface, CAPTUREit provides Virtual Multi-Stream®, generating a bi-tonal image from the scanned color image.

Barcodes and patch page support: Barcodes and patch pages can be used to separate batches and document sets. They can also be used together for greater control.

Encrypt your documents for secure transfer: CAPTUREit provides built-in security with images protected by NT packet-level (128 bit) encryption. Users can mirror information from their Windows Active Directory users and groups for quick and easy setup. Users can also be automatically logged out after a station becomes idle for a period of time, preventing unauthorized use.

Send batches at your ideal time: With CAPTUREit’s job scheduler, you can upload batches during the most cost efficient time for your remote connection or automatically release batches anytime.


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