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Infiniworx® is a revolutionary workflow solution for
document capture, classification and processing. 

Setting the standard for the creation of a new category of enterprise content management, called Capture Workflow, Infiniworx gives users the flexibility to incorporate document capture and processing into an automated workflow that matches a company’s existing business processes.  With drag-and-drop tool functionality, Infiniworx brings a new level of user-friendly design to the document capture marketplace.

  • Adapts to your existing business processes; Infiniworx does not require you to change the way you do business 
  • Reduces document prep time by eliminating the need to manually insert patch or separator pages
  • Lower labor costs by eliminating most pre-sorting and manual data entry
  • Saves time and resources by directly importing emails with attachments into the Capture Workflow environment—without wasting printer
  • Prevents bottlenecks before they occur with robust monitoring and management reports
  • Improves productivity by reducing manual processing errors
  • Fully integrates with other AnyDoc software including AnyDoc®CAPTUREit® and OCR for AnyDoc®

With Infiniworx, you’ll be able to:

Create a Customized Document Processing Workflow

Define and run your company’s entire document processing workflow … without starting and stopping multiple processes to get results.  With the powerful set of drag-and-drop tools located within Infiniworx, you can take control to create your own customized workflows with minimal up-front training.  Infiniworx’ tools are designed to facilitate the capture, optimization, extraction, classification and flow of document images and data.  Each tool can be customized with flexible parameters that are easy to define using drop-down list menus. With minimal up-front training, you can take control to build and change your own workflows.

Eliminate Manually Pre-Sorting Documents

With AnyDoc®CLASSIFY™, powered by Infiniworx, you can automatically identify your document images by their document types with custom user-defined keywords and/or document tags.  Documents can be scanned right out of the envelope or in the order in which they enter the workflow—no manual pre-sorting or separating is required.  And, Infiniworx can process a wide array of incoming documents—including invoices, checks, remittances, applications, forms, etc.—in varying formats such as paper, tiff, JPG, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, PDF, and more.

Process Incoming Emails and Attachments

Let Infiniworx monitor selected email inboxes and automatically process incoming emailed documents and attachments. Infiniworx recognizes and opens email attachments in most standard business formats, including PDF, TIFF, Word and Excel documents, and even unzips multiple compressed files for processing. Eliminate the need to print your emails or attachments only to scan them for entry into your workflow. The email body and attachments are classified and can be passed to OCR for AnyDoc® for data capture and further processing downstream. Any document can be converted to TIFF, PDF, or text for processing or routing to your back-end system(s).

Perform Automatic Lookups From Your Existing Databases

Infiniworx can use your existing databases to compare and confirm data, such as ensuring an invoice total matches the total price on the corresponding purchase order.  Infiniworx can also use table lookups to auto-populate data fields; for example, vendor information on an invoice referencing a valid purchase order (PO) can be automatically retrieved, reducing the number of fields to be manually validated or entered manually.  

Work In A Global Environment With Multi-Lingual Document Capability

Infiniworx is a single solution that can provide multi-lingual support for the documents in your workflow.  Not only does it recognize and process your English language documents, but it also gives you the flexibility to process documents in Spanish, French, and German.

Infiniworx solutions include:

Check and Coupon Processing

  • Scan and import checks, coupons, pledge cards and envelopes
  • Automatically separate and sort documents based upon size, format and content
  • Virtually endorse checks in preparation for Check 21 submission    
  • Send documents to OCR for AnyDoc to process and verify data

Document Classification

  • Classify documents by user-defined parameters or document attributes including size, keywords, custom phrases, logo, layout, format, data, content, or any combination of these methods
  • Re-group pages of a document into a document set
  • Export files to pre-defined directories or OCR for AnyDoc for data capture and verification

Mortgage Loan Processing

  • Eliminate the need to manually insert patch or separator pages
  • Identify dozens of different types of scanned documents within a loan file
  • Batch related documents together electronically
  • Route documents to a common location for expedited review and processing

And More

  • Design a flexible automated document capture and processing workflow to match your existing business processes
  • Applications also include remittance processing, invoice processing and the management of a digital mailroom environment
  • The solutions capable of being generated are only limited by the imagination of the workflow designer

* All integrated products are priced individually, in order for you to create a customized package to suit your business needs.


To learn more, contact us today.

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